A world where human evolution is comparable to the speed of technical innovation

We recognise leading a high-growth technology, or digital business is one of the most exciting and rewarding projects you will tackle. The downside to business growth comes as a result of the perceived constant pace, uncertainty, decision making and pressure, which means it can also feel like one of the most incredibly challenging periods.

Image of mountain.

It’s like looking forward to climbing a mountain then realising there’s a storm on the way. Having weather can get in the way of having a clear view especially when we don’t know how to prepare for it.

In the last decade, we’ve seen how growing technological innovation is breeding more opportunity for starting a new business but with this, we’re also seeing technology entrepreneurs attributing their success to market opportunity and the strength of their product or service.

While this is in part true for innovation-driven companies, it’s only the half of it.  Once the product has gained traction, market-fit, and the business begins to scale-up, the focus soon switches from product to processes and people.

In the startup to scale-up stages of business, in general, we find that tech-founders are still heavily focused on the product and can find it hard to let go of the “doing”. However, founder-leaders that go the whole stretch, recognise the correlation between both doing and leading – and become even more successful.

The discomfort comes when founder-leaders realise, they need an entirely different set of leadership skills to go from doing to leading, managing and inspiring your people. They realise they also need to pivot and make the leadership shift.

While this might sound obvious to some, the idea for FastCEO hatched due to a gap in the technology ecosystem catering for soft skill development for founders transitioning to leadership roles.

That said, from experience and research, traditional soft skill development will only take you so far.

We present a challenge to classical leadership training that resides at the practical level. We believe this alone does not solve the problems for the technology leaders of today, and much of what is being taught is a natural process.

To put it another way, just like the way technology is disrupting traditional industries, the same is happening in the field of human performance and leadership development.

FastCEO is born from this space.

Our mission is to create a world where human evolution is comparable to the speed of technological innovation.

We believe leadership is less of a doing, and more of a “being”.

We believe leaders need a catalyst to accelerate their learning that provides more room to experiment, create and innovate. We know it’s not about giving the leader more to learn, remember, or recall, it’s about showing leaders how they learn in a way that paves the way for superhuman capabilities and higher mental capacity, learn speed, creativity, connectivity, bounce-back and performance.

We believe we are on the brink of a quantum leap in the area of human performance.

When you discover the laws behind the human operating system, you will uncover the truths behind what drives your successes – and failures so that you can evolve to the next stage in your leadership journey, while accessing uncapped resources and capabilities to better lead – while driving more innovation, creativity and results.

The most amazing part of all of this is – you’re yet to realise it. It is a revelation that’s going to be revolutionary.

P.S. We’re not here to convince you, our experiments will provide you with your own data and proof!

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