We are a leadership and culture accelerator for ambitious tech entrepreneurs and organisational leaders empowering fast growth from the inside-out


We believe in a fundamental power behind all human and business performance. We believe this power of mind is accessed by realising the principles behind the human mind. We believe this untapped potential is a company’s hidden business variable and competitive advantage. 


A world where human and social evolution is comparable to the speed of technical innovation. To evolve the human race at the same rate as technological innovation; starting with the most ambitious tech entrepreneurs and the worlds greatest leaders in industry.


To empower leaders to grow faster from the inside-out; to better lead and manage their team and company while sustaining performance, creating good and increasing their happiness quota; to create innovative businesses that are continuously improving.


We are uniquely different and unconventional in that we do not work at the level of thinking, content, techniques, or methodologies. We look at prescriptive leadership programmes and contemporary methods and then go one step beyond where they focus.

We focus on first principles, the fundamental constants and mind power underneath all of today’s approaches.

We focus on the invisible mind power behind personal and business performance, revealing a new business variable contributing to a company’s success, collaboration, innovation, resourcefulness, clarity, inner agility and bottom line results.


The idea for FastCEO hatched as a result of a gap in the current ecosystem for catering for the development of founders transitioning to leadership roles and for organisational leaders dealing with rapid digital change.

We help startups and large organisations to evolve their leadership capability and culture so that they create truly agile businesses that excel in the 4th industrial revolution.

We work with ambitious tech entrepreneurs, c-suite leaders, executives, key managers and teams to accelerate entrepreneurial leadership capability in a way that is fast, sustainable and simple that is geared to improving business performance and global outcomes.


We help our clients realise how the human mind functions and is designed for success in a way that can powerfully serve their company – if they understand how it works.

We do this by introducing what we call ‘Mindset Principles’ through a range of activities: leadership programmes, 121 intensives, 360 and cultural reviews, culture development and innovation workshops.

We aim to strengthen the existing value-chain, working with angel investors, venture capitalist firms, business-focused accelerators and established organisations to support the growth of the world’s economy.