Accelerating leaders to the next level


We believe there’s a fast way to evolve


We believe learning is a result of realising



We believe it’s simpler than you think



We believe it’s because it’s the truth


FastCEO is a coaching-based leadership accelerator with a mission to optimise technology leaders from the inside-out, as they scale their company.

We take entrepreneurs on a journey as they pivot from founder to leader. We help them to skill-up and access their leadership algorithm to better lead and manage their team and company while sustaining performance and increasing their happiness quota.

We work with founder CEOs, co-founders and their c-suite leaders of fast-growing internet technology companies (typically has 10 -100 employees and generates £2 – £10 million in annual revenue) to accelerate leadership capability in a way that’s fast, sustainable and simple that’s geared to improving business outcomes.

The idea for FastCEO hatched as a result of a gap in the current ecosystem for catering for the development of the personal skills of founders transitioning to leadership roles when focus switches from product and project to people, processes and growth.

We aim to strengthen the existing value-chain, working with angel investors, venture capitalist firms and business-focused accelerators to support the growth of the digital economy.