We are a leadership accelerator for ambitious startup-CEOs, COOs, founders and teams empowering fast growth from the inside-out


We believe the real key to success is to unlock  potential and resiliance across the workplace.


Super smart leaders growing at the same rate as technological innovation. 


To accelerate the development of the greatest startup CEOs, COOs, founders and teams.


We are uniquely different in that we work with Startup CEOs, COOs, founders and their teams to shift mindsets, transform behaviours to accelerate business growth.  Creating the conditions that allow for shifts in perspectives focused on driving results enables teams to thrive while they align on driving value for customers and return for investors.


The idea for FastCEO hatched as a result of a gap in the current ecosystem for catering for the development of founder-CEOs or COOs transitioning to leadership roles. 

We help startups CEOs, COOs, founders and teams to evolve their leadership capabilities and culture so that they create businesses that excel in the 4th industrial revolution.

We work with ambitious tech entrepreneurs, c-suite leaders, key managers and their teams to accelerate leadership capability in a way that is fast, sustainable and simple that is geared to improving business performance and social impact.


We know first-hand how easy it is to feel the burn of new venture creation therefore we also help our clients access more resilience. We do this through realising the human experience via powerful and immersive experiences that shift mindsets and transform behaviours while focusing on solving leadership and business challenges.  

We aim to strengthen the existing value-chain, working with angel investors, venture capitalist firms, business-focused accelerators and established organisations to support the growth of the UK economy.

our consultants & COACHES 



Founder, Consultant & Executive Coach

As more technological innovations come to market, the demands of doing more, faster increases. If founders can evolve at comparable speed and depth, not only will ventures survive, our ecosystem and economy will thrive. 

Gemma is the founder of FastCEO.io, an executive coaching and leadership development company partnering with ecosystem builders to develop founders as the venture scales. Since 2001 she has used the knowledge gained as a paramedic, consultant, senior manager, trainer, facilitator and business owner to help leaders, entrepreneurs and others to transform and lead with humility and resilience. Gemma is a certified executive coach, an AGILE ScrumMaster and Leadership Circle Profile practitioner. Previously, she was Head of Communications for a Central Government startup organisation. Before then, she in the turnaround team of a Central Government technology portfolio. She has held many senior communication positions in management consultancies, European retailer, global medical device firm and in her early career experimented with running her own media relations startup for marketing and digital agencies. She lives outside London and can often be found yoga posing in her spare time.



Consultant & Executive Coach

A deep understanding of the human operating system, connects people to their full potential and innate resilience. Described by  clients as a ‘people engineer’, de-mystifying human performance enabes leaders to connect with the capability of those around them. 

Andrea began her working life with 20 years in corporate roles, where her passion for people development and customer excellence began. She progressed into the organisation design and development space and became a certified professional coach in 2004. She has successfully run her own coaching and consulting business since 2016, through which, she has led global technology change programmes and transformed organisational structures in a range of sectors. She has created the organisation design of a ‘Big Data’ spin out of a global telecommunications company and developed the people change programme for an innovation hub in Brazil, within the oil and gas industry. More recently she has supported the leaders of fast-growing SMEs and start-ups in developing effective business strategies and ensuring employees remain engaged with rapidly changing performance targets. She formed part of the initial start-up team for a gene therapy manufacturing business in London, creating the organisation design, defined and recruited all leadership roles, before creating an HR team, as the business grew. She has been retained with the business for over 3 years, supporting its transition through IPO and into a substantive, international business, with a net worth of over half a billion dollars.




Consultant & Executive Coach

In a world where there is unprecedented exponential growth through technology, it is vital that we keep up.  By tapping into the full potential of the human mind, exponential human growth is not only possible but absolutely certain.  

Simon is a coach who works with entrepreneurs and leaders in the digital space. Simon is a digital veteran himself, having started a web design agency in 1995 in Clerkenwell and an e-commerce startup in the early 2000’s. Simon has also worked as a project manager at many of Londons biggest digital agencies delivering digital solutions for some of the worlds largest brands including Coca-Cola, Citi Bank, Sainsbury, Unilever and Skype. In 2012 Simon moved toward working with people with a focus on unlocking the human potential. Having learnt a new understanding of the mind from some of the best teachers in the world, Simon qualified as a coach, facilitator and trainer in 2014. Since then Simon has been coaching executives and leaders almost exclusively in the tech world. Simon believes that through insight and realisation anyone can access the same power and wisdom that has provided the greats in history with their inventions and innovations.



Consultant & Executive Coach

As organisations rapidly evolve within dynamic markets the need for agility to succeed is essential. Freeing the mind to tap into the possibilities, coupled with the creation of a succinct responsive action plan, drives personal and business growth.

Alan is an executive coach with senior commercial experience from startup’s (CMO of Heineken’s JV soft drink company Fayrouz International), to bluechip (Unilever European VP Marketing), with the ability to practically scale best practice to different situations and cultures. With considerable international business experience, having held numerous regional and global roles and lived in 5 different countries, Alan has helped build businesses across the world. He has also advised companies such as Coca Cola and Ferrero on their branding and marketing strategy, and has overseen the digitalization of global data systems to change client delivery from 6 months to 1. At his heart Alan is an innovator who has led the creation of brands such as Solero ice cream, Kellogg’s Optivita and many other in market successes. Trained in executive coaching at the Henley Business School, with a focus on cognitive behavioural psychology, Alan helps coachees release their untapped potential and create a practical forward plan to meet the business challenges and drive growth.