CEO-coaching, founder-coaching, team-coaching and culture reviews. Gracefully evolve as a leader or manager, align C-suite and team performance and drive greater results while maintaining mental health. 

The stage of your organisation’s development and culture is often a reflection of where you are on your individual leadership journey.

As your level of internal awareness increases, so does your ability to be aware of and then respond to new external challenges.

Often the most successful leaders are ones that are balanced in the domains of people and task. They can deal with a great deal of uncertainty and ambiguity while staying grounded, poised and moving the company forward in the right direction. Often these leaders are self-aware and have developed their leadership through insight-led executive coaching.


Working with a coach can help you to:

  • Help you to achieve your staged goals, milestones and deadlines  
  • Identify your strengths and overcome your weaknesses and obstacles preventing you from realising your leadership potential
  • Shape your vision and strategic plan
  • Develop your leadership competencies and communications skills
  • Provide a non-bias sounding board for you
  • Step back and reflect to gain new perspectives
  • Grow your emotional intelligence
  • Tap into your innate resilience and mental well-being



Fast track your transformation with a 3-day 121 intensive. We start with an orientation to uncover your goals, then go upstream to exploring the human experience in a highly experiential 3-day workshop, leading to shifts in mindset and behaviour  and a new way of responding to challenges and operating in your business Intensives are off-site in a remote and relaxed location.


Coaching conversations with an experienced coach can take place as a series of sessions working on a particular goal or as a continuation from your 121 Intensive or 360 Review. Weekly or fortnightly, coaching sessions support you to integrate your new insights and learning into the workplace. Sessions can take place virtually, in your office  or at a convenient location.


Team coaching for top-team alignment to prepare your team on executing vision, direction and strategy and overcome short-term thinking, poor performance and fragmented leadership. You can also combine a Culture Survey to understand the views of the organisation and individual leader 360 Reviews to understand the strengths and derailers as a combined team.