We are passionate about creating human-centred leaders and organisations that evolve and thrive

Growing a business is a very different game from starting one. As your company goes from startup to scale-up, you draw on entirely different skills. Increasingly, you will undertake more of a leadership role and deliver more results for your investors. You have to make the leadership shift.


We work with tech startups and organisations to accelerate your  leaders, align C-suite teams and create purpose-driven cultures that excel in the 4th industrial revolution.

We do this through immersive and experiential leadership programmes, 121 intensives, 360 reviews, culture development and well-being workshops.


We facilitate transformational experiences in a number of core areas to evolve leadership awareness, shift mindsets and transform behaviours to accelerate business growth. 


We evolve leaders to create conscious leaders that take awareness-based action and make value-driven decisions.


We create human-centred, high performing teams that are trusting, aware and aligned on purpose, vision and strategy.


We help embed leadership culture throughout the organisation using agile best practice to drive inspired behaviour and scalable cultures.


“I left the three-day learning experience a different person. As well as helping my personal development, it has had a positive impact on how I operate as a leader. I have been become a more effective leader by better understanding myself, by slowing my thinking down and by taking that time to truly build compassionate relationships. Fundamentally I have shifted from a leader who always thought that they had to produce the answer to creating the space for others to find the solution. I have created an environment within my team where we have started to look at challenges and crises differently; recognising the impact of our thinking on our emotions and therefore how we respond to the challenge; and building better connections across teams and departments to both deliver better results and to drive through the necessary cultural changes in the Department.” 

Operations Director, UK Government 


“Gemma coached our sales team on how to truly listen to our clients and their needs and to connect on a human level. This will enable us to have more meaningful conversations and relationships. Our coaching was personal, interactive and very informative.”

Sales Training Manager, Global Pharma Co


“A mind stimulating leadership retreat on behavioural insights to focus on my inner agility and potential. As a Senior Civil Servant in a busy, complex environment this learning experience helped me discover how my mind worked to gain better clarity. I am now enjoying a more productive life both at work and in a personal setting. My interactions with others have a deeper connectivity gained from a better understanding of thoughts and experience. Thanks to this course, I have reignited my entrepreneurial drive whilst embracing risk, and with a deep-felt knowing, I have unlimited resourcefulness to be successful in driving change. Gemma was a pleasure to work with on this journey of discovery to help me realise myself as an
authentic agile leader with purpose and power.”

Finance Director, UK Government 


“My programme taught me how to recognise my emotions, acknowledge them and work on self-care. I was able to reconnect with my inner self, get clear on my purpose, reset my mind-set to one of growth and start taking the small steps necessary to create the business I wanted. It has been an enlightening experience. It made me realise a lot of things about my mind-set, the way I work and the impact it has on my life. Gemma is extremely professional, but she never loses that personal touch. She kept me accountable and made sure I had the right amount of challenge.”

Founder, Professional Services Co


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